One Day Work-Shop on Topology and fluid Mechanics

One Day Work-Shop on Topology and fluid Mechanics


Mathematical theory of fluid Mechanics enables us to understand their physical nature of fluid and its dynamics in a much more effective manner. This is due to the fact that the forces acting on a potion of it under continuum and discrete setting have to be under stood in right perspective. The intended workshop focuses on the intrinsic nature of the fluid, with the help of topological notions. Effective methods thus employed will under pin the importance of such abstractions for the problems of fluid mechanics.

There would be series of lecturers both in topology and fluid mechanics aimed at relating the two themes. The workshop should help the active research group in this area of mathematics. In particular geometry, topology, and fluid mechanics. Those looking for applications in engineering and science this workshop could be an ideal beginning. For registration and other details of the workshop contact or E-mail.

Workshop will be held on 3rd January 2016.

Prof. T. Venkatesh,

Coordinator and Visitor,

Mathematical Sciences Institute, Belagavi.

Email ID: [email protected]



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