Programme held at KLS IMER College

Programme held at KLS IMER College


The Mathematical Sciences Institute , Belagavi in association with KLS IMER Belgaum and Mathematics

of Finance Division Rani Channamma University has celebrated the National Mathematics day today at

the city of Belgaum. The Programme was held at KLS IMER College , where the experst spoke about the

importance of this day. Two special lectures were delivered on the occasion. The first lecture was

entitled “Periods and Cohomology Groups” and was delivered by Dr T.Venkatesh, Professor Department

of Mathematics RCU Belagavi. He gave glimpses of new ideas of arithmetic involving a special class of

algebraic numbers called periods.The second lecture was entitled “ Arithmetic Geometry and

Optimization”. This was given by Mr J.V.Ramana Raju Faculty at the School of Graduate Studies Jain

University Bangalore.

The Government of India has declared 22nd December as National Mathematics day to commmorate the

birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan the legendary and enigmatic Indian Mathematician of the 20th


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